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This local food truck is bringing a taste of Oaxaca to Tucson

We're all familiar with Sonoran food, but what about Oaxacan food?

Located about an hour from the Mexican border, many of us are familiar with the sights and tastes of Sonora. Crossing the border on a sunny afternoon, we walk around town, stopping to indulge in a carne asada taco topped with lime juice and fresh pico de gallo.

Going deeper into the country, you may be familiar with Mexico City, where tourists flock to take in the colorful city and the rich history it has to offer.

As you continue to head south, you’ll look out the airplane window and notice vivid green scenery you may be unfamiliar with. That means you have reached Oaxaca, a place known for flavorful mole and popular cheese.

Instead of taking a six-hour flight to taste their molotes, you can head down to the Joel D. Valdez Main Library, located at 101 N. Stone Ave., where Leidy Bautista and her family serve up Oaxacan delicacies in a cherry red trailer.

Bautista and her mom, Silvia Bautista, and her dad, Oscar Bautista, run OaxaRico, a food truck that puts a twist on the usual Mexican food we see here by incorporating Oaxacan recipes and flavors to popular dishes.

Originally from Oaxaca, Leidy and her family decided to move to Tucson to be closer to family here. Silvia’s mother taught her how to cook when she was 13, learning the ins and outs of making delicious dishes like mole and molotes.

When they came to Tucson, Silvia’s cooking skills were loved by all, making her a hit at family gatherings.

“At family events my parents always cook and everyone loves how they cook,” Leidy said. “It [the food truck] was a thought for years and years and years and two years ago is when we decided it's now or never.”

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